Een vijand van het volk
De Theaterschool Amsterdam

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Art Director

Graphic Jungle


Director Hilde Tuinstra, from De Theaterschool Amsterdam needed an art work and publicity poster for her graduation performance "Een vijand van het volk" (An Enemy of the People), an 1882 play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

The art work represents the struggle of choosing between right or wrong. 

Synopsis: Dr. Stockmann (played by Andr√© Dongelmans) has discovered that the new wellness centre built in his town are infected with a deadly disease and instructs the town to repair or close the baths. The Mayor, who is Dr. Stockmann's brother, does not believe the report and refuses to close the baths because it will cause the financial ruin of the town. A struggle between self-interest and the things he believes to be right. Who can pack his message intelligently, can put reality to his will.

A graduation performance: Hilde Tuinstra (Director), Marion Schindler (scenography)
and Dennis de Bont (Production Performing arts) - De Theaterschool, Amsterdam.